Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not long now...

until Forever Always Retreat #7 !!! It's next week, and I'm excited !!! It's going to be so much fun meeting a lot of the girls IRL for the first time, and catching up with the regulars too ! There will be 27 of us in total, and we've got some really excellent and exciting things planned...including the very mysterious DT interactive challenge, and "special awards".

Again I'm on the mac, so no piccies yet.

On the Embellished Idol front, Louise and I are still going strong. We've both continued through to Round 4, and voting for that begins tomorrow. The standard of work there is still amazingly high, but I feel confident that Louise and I will continue through a few more rounds yet...well I really hope so !

Home from school tomorrow - I'm sick ! I have some sort of tummy virus and it's really playing havoc IYKWIM !!! Hopefully I can spend some time on the PC and finally get these photos uploaded !

1 comment:

Louise said...

Oooh Im haning out Michelle so so excited!!!

Yes we are hanging in but i think it will be a telling round this round, :) :) :)