Friday, August 31, 2007

Quick Post...

to right some wrongs...ooooppppsss !!!

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my parents (36 years I believe !) which was on the 27th.
Happy Birthday to my Dad, which was on the 28th.

Happy Fathers' Day to my dad, FIL and hubby for Sunday...just getting in early in case I forget to blog that too LOL !

Only 6 more sleeps until retreat...the wait is killing me !
Got to get onto my lolly tin for Louise this weekend too. I've bought the lollies to find and make a tin !

Fianlly, I can't share some of my Idol LO's afterall...they've been accepted by SM for publication Woohoo !!!
But I will try and post the others soon.


Tish said...

Hi Michelle, Just wanted to say that I have been LOVING all of your Idol pages!! Especially loved the paint strip week, awesome use of the paint strips! All the best with the comp,

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