Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One Sleep To Go !

Tomorrow is the inaugural Arts North Film Festival, where my class' film "Move It", will be screened at the Dendy Cinema. We are sooooo excited. The only downer seems to be the weather, with thunderstorms, cold gusty winds and a max temperature of 17 degrees forecast ! I am hoping we will do well in the festival, but I know there'll be some stiff competition....the stiffest coming from our own school !!! Class 5G have also made it in, and their film - Life of A Kite, is outstanding. Aside from the obvious technological / film making / writing / and acting skills, my kids have learned, I believe this experience will just do wonders for their self esteems and confidence....and that's something I could never teach ! Will try to post (with pics) tomorrow night. Must be off now, to see my stylist and decide which designer I will be wearing on the red carpet LOL !!! WISH !!!

RIP Belinda Emmett
1974 - 2006

Australia has lost a talented, inspirational and courageous young woman, taken way too soon.

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