Monday, September 18, 2006


There are good things and bad things about Monday's ! A bad thing is that the weekend is over, and some of us, have to return to work (ho hum). On the flip side, this could be seen as a good thing, in terms of earning money ??? Another good thing about Monday's is, auto electrician's are OPEN ! This comes in very handy when your driver's side window is wedged right down inside the window and won't come back up !!! Then there are the thousand and one things, teachers have to get through to survive the school day, not to mention, extra Assistant Principal duties on top !!!! And to top it right off, was the half hour walk, Jacob and I had to make to retrieve the car.....and the 40 minute wait, whilst the work was finished. Don't get me wrong, I am glad the car is all fixed now, but I am glad that my Monday, is almost over. Only 4 more sleeps until the next weekend (Yeah !!!).

Speaking of weekends....we had our first go at Little Athletics on the weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day (yes, I got sunburnt), and lots of fun (for most of the kids, most of the time LOL). Jacob did really well. He was not overly fussed on long jump and shot putt (probably because of the long waits between turns), but LOVED the running.
He ran in 3 races - 500m, 100m and 70m.
He came 1st in the 500m, and 1st in his heats of the 100m and 70m.....boy is he fast !!!!

I also got a little bit of scrapping done on the weekend (YEAH !!!) I managed to start my September EDM pages, and it shouldn't take long to complete them. I also got quite a few cards made from my retreat scraps. I am thinking of setting up a mini business at school - I am sure some of the teachers would love to buy and give, a handmade card ???? We'll see.

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