Thursday, January 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob !

WOW ! I can hardly believe it - Jacob turns 11 today !
Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. I hope you have a wonderful day...

b. 06/01/2000 @ 6:41pm by emergency c-section
Length: 48cm
Head: 34cm
Weight: 1720gms
This photo is Jacob at only a few hours old.

Height: 140cm
Weight: Abt 34kg
This photo was taken on 2 Jan, 2011.
My how things change !
Including technology... how dodgy is the baby photo ?
Taken pre digital for me, and I think it was actually one of those polaroid type cameras that spits the photo out soon after it's been taken. I think it probably belonged to the hospital, as I don't recall owning a good camera back then !



Paula said...

Happy Birthday Jacob...wishing him a brilliant day! :)
Time certainly does fly!!!

Kylene said...

Happy Birthday Jacob. Hope you are having a great day!!!

Jasmine S said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob. My twins were born about the same weight (7 weeks prem) and the first photos I have are the polaroid dodgies too.
Love all of your LOs below too. Your work is always inspiring.