Monday, June 28, 2010

Whoever invented...

white sports uniforms - should be shot !!!

This is Jacob after his Rugby League game on Saturday morning !
Must have been a man !

When is a blade of grass, not a blade of grass ?

When it's in Caden's mouth of course LOL !
At first he was using it as a whip, but then he decided to eat it LOL !

Cheeky little devil, isn't he ?

But oh so cute !
He had a haircut on Sunday...looks much more grown up than here.
Will get a pic soon.

And speaking of getting a pic, how's this for a beautiful winter photo...

It's in my neighbours yard, and I just love it.
This might just be the inspiration for a future page...keep your eyes peeled !

Have I told you how much I love my new camera ?


Paula said...

Ohhh, these photos of Caden make me realise how much I miss my 'Caden cuddles'...he has grown up sooo much!
Have to agree with you on the white...certainly not a female that chose that one for a sports uniform...we have that issue here too.
Looking forward to seeing your layout. x

Sonia said...

Snap with Paula's comment, and I can see your loving your new toy....;

love your winter flower shot just awesome.!!!