Monday, February 23, 2009

Oooops !

Still haven't had that photo share !
But here's what's been going on.......

1. Caden is CRAWLING !!! He is everywhere, and super fast LOL !

2. Caden has cut his FIRST TOOTH !!!

3. Caden has SPOKEN !!! He said "dad, dad, dad" !!!

4. Jacob competed in LITTLE A's ZONE CARNIVAL and recorded the following results:
- 2nd Long Jump
- 3rd 60m Hurdles
- 4th 400m
- 5th 800m

5. Jacob then competed in LITTLE A's REGIONAL CARNIVAL and recorded the following results:
- 4th Long Jump (First Reserve for State)
- 7th 60m Hurdles
- PB in 400m heat

I am so very proud of both of my boys !!!
I also received my first box of goodies for A Thousand Little Things and I can't wait to get started....CHA 2009 My Little Shoebox - very nice !!!
And finally, today I have had my very first acceptance with Scrapbook Creations ! I will be in their upcoming Yellow gallery !

I will be back with photos soon !!!


Tracey said...

Congratulations on the acceptance with SC. Woo hoo and WTG to both your boys. Watch out your little man will be everywhere now.

sarah said...

so much has happened!!!!! now that he's crawling you're gonna have to baby proof everything! hehe.

have a great weekend,

Calia Yang said...

oh wow!! congrats!! Your boys are just so adorable! ^_^ I hope you're doing well. You should definitely be proud!

Hanneke said...

Hey Michelle, found your blog!! How are you doing???