Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update as promised...

Ok, well it's a real scorcher here today.
I have the air con on full ball, and still I seem to sweat ???
I have DS#1 begging to go in the pool, but it is just too hot...I don't want him getting burnt. DH's melanoma scare late last year, was enough for me, and now with myself needing things cut out - it's all just a bit much at the moment !
One of the setbacks of living in such a hot country I guess ?
Please keep your fingers crossed for me !

And that's about it for today... just staying inside and trying to keep cool.
Caden is doing well, although his routine has completely changed (*sigh*), and it's not making for any productive time for scrapping or anything else !
And Jacob is still BORED ! LOL !
Hopefully all will settle down when school goes back ?

Here are my final two Project 365 photos for Week 2:

13 Jan - Our new umbrella for the pool. Gosh did we need some shade !

14 Jan - My clever baby Caden, holding his own bottle !


the dreamer said...

Hi, Michelle! Thanks so much for the awesome award! =)

Wow, so it's hot in Australia huh? Here in the Philippines it's been windy and cold and did I say windy? Yet the sun shines on some days, on some days it's just cloudy and gloomy. I heard on the radio that it's crazy cold in Korea so I guess the cold wind is coming down here.

Hope you are trying to cope as best as you can with the crazy weather. I hear it's crazy weather everywhere, especially in the US.

Caden is too cute! =)


Bob said...

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Renee said...

Caden is adorable. My fingers are crossed for you, I will also cross my toes.

Renee xox