Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Brave Little Fellow !

I took Caden to see Dr Vesna today, for his next lot of immunisations.
He had two needles, one in each thigh.
And he was so brave. He didn't cry... at all !!!
Vesna said that she thinks that's a "first" for her !
So far, so good and no reactions, but he has been quite grumpy.
May have something to do with his minimal amount of sleep, and the heat today !

So, as he is my brave little fellow, this photo of Caden is my pic for 7 Jan:


the dreamer said...

Oh gosh, am so jealous. My son is 4 and he still howls as soon as he sets foot anywhere near the doctor's. Hehe.

Tagged you with an award on my blog.


Sonia said...

OH - how sweet, Bianca was a good girl with injections too, till she was about 5.

Samantha said...

No crying?! That's VERY good! Good for him (and you!)