Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob !!!

My baby turned 9 today !!! Yeah, 9 going on 19 I think LOL !!!
But it has been a great day !
It started out this morning with the unwrapping of a few family presents.
Then my parents and Oma (Jacob's great grandma) came to visit for the day, along with some friends - who are still here for a sleepover !!!
We all had a nice lunch, and Jacob and his mates spent most of today in the pool !

Here are a few snaps from today:

Jacob ready to start opening presents.

Jacob looking like the wrestler he just opened !!!

Jacob sporting his new cap and getting cuddles from Caden !

Cake time... and Jacob's mates singing Happy Birthday !

With such an event, I also had no trouble in making it 6 from 6 with Project 365 today... look at me... getting a bit too cocky me thinks ! LOL !!!

Here is my picture for 06/01:


Sonia said...

Happy Birthday Jacob..!!

and Michelle cocky or not, love that photo .....

Dee Molina said...

Happy Bday to your little guy Michelle, LOVE the pic of the wrestling pressie.. lol


the dreamer said...

Hi, Michelle! Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Am so loving the photos and creations on your blog. And oh wow, your Masters submissions are just gorgeous!

Happy birthday to Jacob! =) The two boys are such cuties! =)