Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bronzed Boys

Today at the Little Athletic State Relay Championships, Jacob and his team mates, won a bronze medal !!! They were competing in the U8-U11 4 x 800m relay. The boys ran so well, considering the conditions, the competition, and their own personal demons...(Jacob was in tears at the races start; our second runner J kept getting beaten by his female counterpart at all training sessions; and our final runner G has only just returned from an horrendous leg injury, where you can still see a big stitch that they left in his leg !!!)

I think 3rd in the state though, is an almighty achievement. Congratulations boys !
Here are a couple of snaps from today:

Brett and I trying to keep Jacob occupied before the race ! We got there at 9am, but he didn't run until nearly lunchtime !

This is Jacob after his race. Apart from a bit of a red face, who would know that he'd just run 800m ???

And finally, the medal presentation ! I have stickered the other boys faces for privacy reasons, but you can tell that Jacob is very happy !!!


Louise said...

One Cooooooooooooooool 'little' Dude!!!! WTG Jacob!!!!

Sonia said...

Congrats Jacob!!!!

bon said...

such a great acheivment, you must be SO proud :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! thinking of you with love hope all is well x gab