Sunday, December 02, 2007

My News

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Yes, early I know, but I have to go off my meds and on to injections. May as well let everyone know what's going on as it could be a bumpy (and bruised) ride LOL !!!

Feeling so so...with so much on at school and reports due, I'm just really really really tired !!!


Amie said...

That is awesome news Michelle, congratulations.
Hugs Amie xx

Louise said...

Hooley Dooley, WTG!!!


Lou xx:)xx

ange zav said...

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!!
Another Baby! Congrats guys!
Take it easy Michelle and enjoy the waiting game!!! And spoil your little guy!
I'm starting to get clucky again!!! And I'm not allowed says hubby!!! lol



gabriella said...

great! i have been waiting for this!!!! almost as much as you LOLOL!!!!! thinking of you and see you soon! xxxoooxx gab

Sonia said...

Fantastic excited for you Michelle....oh and for BRETT & JACOB too!!!

bon said...

FINALLY, i've been waiting and waiting and waiting...
but i know how you feel I'm glad we both finally got there :)