Friday, December 08, 2006

Scrapbooking Memories 2007 Masters

Well the long wait is finally over, with the 2007 Master's revealed today, and what a talented group of ladies they are too ! Congratulations ladies on your outstanding work, and well deserved results.

The 2007 Scrapbooking Memories Masters are:

Carole Janson
Catherine Duffy
Kylie Tout
Debbie Kingston
Lauren Dennis
Jody Essenhigh
Libby Morris
Marion Warren
Jo Carey
Natalie Taylor
Rachel Scholz
Jennifer Hall
Sandra Geddes
Sheree McGee
Nikki Rudd

I look forward to seeing more of their amazing work throughout 2007.

On to blowing my own trumpet...................................................................

I may not have been selected as a Master, but I have received 2 Honourable Mentions in the competition. The first HM was for my journey layout, which is about my mum's move from Austria to Australia when she was 4 years old. The page took me ages to do, and just kept "evolving", but I was really happy with it. I am so pleased it is one those chose to publish !!!

The second HM was for my monogram. Again, this took a while to do, and I really tried to "think outside the square" with it. I don't know about seeing myself in the mag....a bit scary, but I think it's all been worth it ! I don't know if any more doors will open for me as a result of this, but I am so happy, just to have been published !!!!

I will put the layouts up soon, but until then, see pgs:145 "Skaubryn 1954" and 168 "M for Michelle".

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