Saturday, July 16, 2011

Party Favours...

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for Caden...he will have both sets of grandparents here, an aunt and uncle from both sides of the family, along with some cousins, his brother and his parents... it's going to be a big day !

Caden's actual birthday is this Thursday (21 July), but as I will be at Camp Mojo, it's all happening now ! One good thing about Thursday though, is I won't have to rush as it doesn't start until after 2pm. I can have a slow morning, take Caden to daycare at my leisure, and we can share out his lolly boxes...

I have made 28 lolly boxes - one for every child in the class and the 4 teachers ! These are not quite as elaborate as a prototype I made, but I decided if I had to do 28, simpler was better !

I ummed and ahhed about how to close them, especially as they are for small children, but in the end, although 4 have string, I settled for the staple. It was just easier and less time consuming. I will make a note that parents should open the lolly boxes !

I have used the Sizzix Milk Carton Die, and some gorgeous little stamps from Stampin' Up. I love that I got to use up some of my stash and scraps too !
Happy 3rd Birthday Caden ! (Even if it is going to be a week long ! LOL !)

Love You Little Man, Love Mummy xxx

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Heather Jacob said...

happy birthday Caden .. wow these are awesome .. have a great day .. hugz x