Monday, June 20, 2011

Scrapbooking Expo 2011

Well... what a weekend !
I had a great time with Paula Perry and Michelle Sturrock at the 2011 Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo and Convention in Brisbane, over the long weekend.
I got to meet lots of lovely people in the scrapping world, including my fellow Masters - Tatum Woodroffe; Kerryn Leworthy; Kathleen Glossop; Lauren Bell and the gorgeous Tiff Sawyer !

Meanwhile, Tatum, her sister Lauren Boase, Kerryn and Kathleen went "felting", and entered a scarf decorating competition....Tatum WON !!! The prize was a felting machine !


I also participated in 2 classes, taught by the most amazing lady, my good friend Louise Nelson !
It was fantastic to catch up with her again, and BOY, were her classes AWESOME.
I still need to finish my layouts, but I learned so much - Thanks Lou !

I also got to see the Masters Gallery - still not 100% on the layouts I sent in, but as my Masters entries still haven't turned up, I had to make some difficult decisions -

Sorry about the funny angles - I had to account for the hordes of admirers all walking around, taking in, and photographing all of the gorgeous Masters works ! I took these more so I could show Jacob and Caden, and tell them how "famous" they are LOL !

I also got to meet the extremely talented Sherry Mendoza, Jane Clark and Lynette Van Barello in the Scrapbooking Memories Studio. It will be wonderful to chat with them some more next month at Camp Mojo ! Speaking of the studio - I presented a talk about genealogy, family trees and scrapping. All three talks went really really well. The last day was a lot quieter, but I think the audience appreciated the individual attention - especially those with questions ! I also had some small giveaways of fantastic 2Crafty Chipboard, for the ladies at my talks...a lovely surprise I was told !

Thank you to Cassie and Vanessa from SBM for the opportunity to speak, and have my work on display.
And the HUGEST thank you to my buds - Paula and Michelle - you're the best ! Same time next year ?


Michelle Sturrock said...

It was a great time at the expo and our "Bootcamp" from the sauna called "The Mecure" across the river to the expo. Yes defo same time next year only different closer accomodation! Had a fabbo time and was absolutely inspired by Lou's awesome classes. What made the week end away was the great company!

Lauren said...

Glad to hear you had a great time Michelle! It was lovely to meet you! I look forward to catching up again at Mojo - not long to go now!! xx

Paula said...

Oh a huge, huge thank you to you for including me on the weekend :) it was fantastic! I really enjoyed watching you enjoying the 'Master' is so well deserved my friend! It's so sad your work still hasn't turned up, but I still loved your choices...hehe but you already know I'm a huge fan of your work ;) xx

Debbie Smith said...

It was great to meet you Michelle. Thanks for the vintage inspirations in your studio talk - I'm working on my Mum's vintage album today. And I used the 2crafty chipboard cloud in my Kraft it Up layout this month!