Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stampin' Up Masters Challenge

The first Masters Challenge was for Stampin' Up. We received what I can only describe as an extremely generous pack to make our layouts. I must admit, that I was very overwhelmed, and wasn't sure if I was meant to try and use a bit of everything, or just focus on one or two things. My confusion gave way to what I believe is probably one of my simplest layouts....ever !

I really liked the Stampin' Up products - the papers were nice colours for scrapping boys !
I also loved the pack of stamps we got too !

This was my first attempt at one of these rosette type flowers - I thought it turned out quite well, even if I did cut the edges to give that zig zag effect !

And here's the layout in full. Simple. Clean lines, and a really good photo !
I was pretty chuffed to see my layout had been turned into a sketch, for the free handout that month too - another first for me !
The alphas here are 2Crafty, and painted with a gorgeous Champagne Mist All Purpose Ink / Shimmer Paint - if you like all things glimmermist, then you really should try some of this from Stampin' Up ! You can find them on pg 143 of the 2010-2011 Ideas and Product Catalogue.

In regard to my post about my Masters Entries, thanks for the kind comments. To answer some of your questions...The response from Australia Post has been absolutely AWFUL ! Basically, because the parcel was sent via regular mail, there is apparently no way to trace it, and no one I have spoken to (at Aus Post) seems to give a toss. As far as they are concerned, the case is closed. Oh, and get this...apparently, if they were delivered to the wrong house, the parcel is still considered by Aus Post as "delivered" WTF ??? So as I see it, my entries are either sitting somewhere in an Aus Post depot OR they were delivered to a complete stranger who has either kept them, or thrown them in the bin ! Nice huh ?


KerrynF said...

Your pages is gorgeous Michelle and I love the zigzag on your rosette.

aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow Michelle I totally love love this layout, I would have totally been overwhelmed with stunning products too. I love what you did.

Don't talk to me re: Australia Post, I have basically been told that unless it is registered, I have no leg to stand on. I have lost so much stuff and some has turned up 2 months later?????I hate this terminology but "Go figure". Melx

Paula said...

I'm loving receiving my latest mag & checking out what you have done! Loved this layout...what you've done with the product & your photography, especially love that flower!