Monday, May 30, 2011

Kraft It Up - June Sneak Peek

Just to add - I've been seeing this gauze / muslin in a lot of layouts recently, and thought I'd have a go. Let's just say, I love the look even if I don't get it quite right, and we know have one less bandage in our first aid kit ! Bwhahahahahahahaha !!!

This will be my final layout for Kraft It Up, as my CT term has now ended.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at KIU, and hope it continues to go from stength to strength !
Full reveal, sometime on 1st June.


Heather Jacob said...

wow looks divine I also use muslin in most of my layouts love the look and feel of it ... and yours looks a divine color .. will miss you on KIU .. hugz xo

Paula said...

Oh love the sneak, can't wait to see the rest tomorrow!