Sunday, May 08, 2011


It's only just occurred to me that unless you are a subscriber or a regular buyer of Scrapbooking Memories Magazine, you will not have seen what I have been up to !!! So I should really be posting all of my creations (as allowed) on my blog....DOH ! (said in my best Homer Simpson voice).

As many of you are aware, Australia Post LOST my Masters Entries ! I have a few pictures, but unfortunately they are not that good ! I am hoping Kristy or Cassie will come good on the offer of high res photos from the Masters Magazine shoot - but in the meantime, here they are:

In case you're wondering - yes, I did hand sew in matching colours, over the sewn pattern on the paper !

I really wish this one came back - we still have laundry issues !

It was great to be able to do a layout on my other "addiction".

If anyone has any advice on what else I can do to find my layouts I'd be most appreciative. Maybe you've got a good news story about a lost parcel ? Let me know !!!
I will share some more Masters Challenges soon !


Sar said...

I still cannot believe your parcel is lost. Was it not sent registered?

Paula said...

Such a sad loss Michelle, I still pray by some miracle that your parcel finds it's way home! Absolutely stunning work...a well deserved 'master' x

Crystal Goulding said...

WOW can't believe it was lost!!! They really should have registered it - hope it turns up eventually! They were fab entries!

Rebecca. said...

What a shame Michelle.
What are they doing to help you locate it ? I cant believe it is lost.. hope you get word of it being found soon.. best of luck.

Marelize said...

Such gorgeous work Michelle!! Love it all and I hope Aus Post finds your parcel! :)