Thursday, December 09, 2010

Album Cover Page

A couple of months ago, I was very lucky to attend the Scrapbooking from Scratch retreat, hosted by Peta McBeth. I had a fabulous time, and got a few things done, but haven't shared yet... OOoooppsss!

One of the things I created was an album cover page. This was inspired by fellow Master, Fran Tynan, and an article she had written about in Scrapbooking Memories. I had wanted to try it ever since I saw Fran's awesome examples, and I am so glad that I got the opportunity at retreat !
Here's my effort -
Front Cover:

Detail Shots:

Back of Front Cover:

Detail Shots:


Paula said...

Gorgeous to see the finished results, lovely!

Anthea said...

I havent finished mine yet, I need to and keep meaning to though LOL

Yours looks awesome Michelle!

KerrynF said...

Awesome idea Michelle, who makes the page protectors?

Chantal said...

This is awesome!!! Love this idea! TFS! :D :D :D