Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forever Always Retreat #14 !

Forever Always Retreat #14 has come and gone...but what a fabulous time I had !!!
It was so wonderful to catch up with my scrapping buddies, both local, and the out of towners (*waving madly to Lou and Kerry* !)
Once again, the food was fabulous, and being able to scrap uninterrupted for 3 days was just what I needed. Whilst I didn't create all that many LO's, I did find a new addiction...making material flowers, and I got to relax, unwind and SLEEP !!!
I stayed up real late on the last night, with the aim of 10 layouts in 10 hours, but I tell you winter, it's really quite cold at 4am LOL !!! Needless to say I failed miserably, but it was fun trying !
Thanks Lou for staying up with me !
I can't wait until the next one !
Here are a couple of the LO's I managed over the retreat:

This was a challenge set for DT by Lou. She gave us each an identical pack, and we had to create. Then the LO's were voted on by everyone at retreat. After the first count, can you believe it was a three way tie !
Then I can't remember exactly how it was decided, but..........I WON !!! LOL !!!

Thanks for a great challenge Lou, and a very interesting pack ! And thanks to the wonderful effervescent Sharryn for such a gorgeous photo from Retreat #13 (can't believe it took nearly 12 months to scrap it !)
This next LO is of Caden, and his love affair with all things CARS !

As this post is getting a little pic heavy, I will save some of the other things I did, for another post. Then I'll need to post about the "other" retreat I went on ! Was lucky enough to go to the Scrap Savvy retreat, and meet some lovely people. Unfortunately, didn't do a lot of scrapping...but that's another story.


Paula said...

Haha...didn't know that about the challenge! Congrats on the win ;) loved your layout! Actually, I loved all of them!
Best wishes for the return to school! xx

Sonia said...

LOL Paula....not sure how Michelle was chosen in the end...

But I think we all did amazingly with what was in our packs...

Loved Michelle's hiding of that orange button ;) fantastic Idea.!!!