Monday, February 08, 2010

Thank you...

to all of the Bon's Girls, who have left messages for me via the blog train.
I'm sorry I haven't been around much, but the return to work has been brutal.
It has been so nice to read the lovely comments.

In relation to all of the spam...this is new to me.
It is a result of linking my blog to facebook.
I never had this problem before then. So...if you're thinking about linking, just beware !!!

Off to UNlink my blog.
As for scrapping - zero, nada, zilch ! Hope I can do some soon. I miss it !

In other news -
Jacob did really well at the Little Athletics Zone Carnival.
He placed 7th in 800m, 3rd in high jump, 2nd in 60m hurdles and 1st in long jump with a PB of 4.42m !
He has started the TSP (Targeted Sports Program) with Narrabeen HS, and is really enjoying it, and he is going away this weekend to represent Manly in an Oz Tag competition !
Very proud of my boy and his accomplishments !

Caden...cheeky as ever ! Talking more and more each day, so I am worrying less. Still waiting for this "language explosion" I keep hearing about though !
He's loving daycare, and has been reasonably well (health wise), which is a nice change to last year !
He's also really agile on our stairs now, able to walk up like we do, and only occasionally using the wall for support ! Very proud of my little boy's achievements too !


Felicity said...

your boys are doing so well :) I would be proud too.
Life sure can get busy and in the road of scrapping, how rude of life, hahah, but we all understand.
Look after yourself :) xx

Sonia said...

WOW - go Caden....sounds too grown up already.

Shelee said...

I'm hearing you Michelle. It's so hard to find time to scrap and teach full-time! Especially at the start of the year!