Saturday, January 16, 2010

Master's Entries 2009 - Double LO

I'm not a huge fan of the double LO, but I must say, I really LOVE the doubles I have created for the past two years of Master's ! The only criteria for the double was to use 5 or more photos, and I certainly did that ! This was a hard LO for me to make. It brought back some very yucky memories and feelings. Having said that though, I think it was most therapeutic !

I really enjoyed using the BG Lime Rickey paper (though not much LOL) and accessories. They went with the photos so well !

I used lots of ephemera in this LO too - Caden's hospital tag, the business card for the pediatrician, a copy of his medical report, and part of his actual chest x-ray ! I thought I was pretty clever LOL !!!
And Caden helped out too - with his handprints !!!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, your entries are fabulous...I love them both, so much to see & awesome design! Great work, can't wait to see the 2rd installment :) Tatum xx

Paula said...

I absolutely LOVE this Michelle! Mind's to a very healthy 2010 ;) x

Georgia Keays said...

this is stunning michelle! i love all the ephemera and all the other little details.

Monica said...

Gorgeous layout! I love how the colours just pop out :0) Hope your little poppett is doing well.