Monday, October 26, 2009

Excited !!!

I am excited !!!
And for a number of reasons !!!

1. As many of you will already know, I made the shortlist for this year's Masters. The list is 67 girls long, and I think you could make several Top 10's and keep a lot of people happy ! Congratulations to everyone who entered Master's this year, and good luck to the shortlisters.
As much as being a Master would be the bees knees, once again, I'd be more than happy with a HM (or two...not too greedy LOL !).

2. Only 2 sleeps, and I will be on RETREAT !!! It will be awesome to see Lou, Chrissy, Sharryn and all the regular attendees again ! Even though I will have some disruptions, Friday through to Sunday is looking GREAT !!!

3. Only 3 sleeps until Jacob's run ! I have a very nervous excitement building for him ! The team have been training well, and for quite some time. I don't know if they can win, but a Top 3 finish would be outstanding !!!

4. I have finally finished my promo work for Canon Pixma ! It has been a very long and tiring campaign, and a real eye opener to the world of promotions ! I liked the product so much that I did buy a new printer LOL ! As a crafter, the Canon Pixma MP640, will be a great addition to my tools. I think I did well overall, selling 7 printers...8 if you include my sale...and 9 if you include the sale I did, but a Team Leader took credit for ! Now for pay day !!!

5. And finally, two good friends from work have recently had their babies ! Jackie and Jacqui had a baby boy and baby girl respectively ! I am so happy for both of them ! Hope their babies are a bit kinder in the sleep department, than Caden was for me ! LOL !!!

Be back after retreat !

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