Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cybercrops and Competitions !

Well with all of the Canon Pixma work I have been doing, it is certainly putting me behind in my scrapping !
As most of you will know, I love a good cybercrop, and I love a good scrapping competition even more !

Forever Always have been running their October cybercrop this weekend, and you still have plenty of time to get your layouts in.
It would be great to see some new faces, and as in the previous few CC's, there is a GDT position up for grabs !

Mystical Scrapbooks are partway through their Family Ties competition, and I think I need to get my Round 3 entry in by Tuesday ! This week our challenge is:
Parents or Aunty/Uncles, Grand parent or someone you look up to.
Colours - Funky - Hot Pink , Bright Orange Turquoise/Teal Black.
Requirements - Layering and flowers.
Should be an interesting challenge for me !

Wicked Princesses Project Fashionista has been a lot of fun, and after 5 rounds, I was fortunate to make the final 5 !!! Now I need to complete a set of 3 layouts for the finale ! These are due by the wish me luck !

And finally...a most awesome competition from Bon's Scraps !

The competition will start THIS Tuesday - 20th October (which is also Cybercrop Tuesday)
You will need to be or become an active member of the forum.
It will run for 4 weeks, one task per week.
The comp will be judged by "doing" not "best"
There will be no eliminations.

For your efforts, you could win this...

OR this...

Click HERE to see a sample of these gorgeous monthly kits !

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