Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Many Reasons to Celebrate !

**Warning, this post is picture heavy** LOL About time hey ?

We all have them... a month of the year where it seems every family member has their birthday, an anniversary or just something special. Well ours is JULY !!!

6 July - Happy 81st Birthday to my Oma.
9 July - Happy 3rd Birthday to Cousin Bridget.
10 July - Happy 40th Birthday to Paul (cousin Cath's DH)
12 July - Happy 37th Birthday to Cousin Catharine.
16 July - Happy 57th Birthday to Uncle Andy.
18 July - Congratulations Cousin Troy on your wedding to Samantha !!!

Samantha looking stunning, with Joe. It's a bit of a story, but basically Joe is Troy's mum's partner, and he was asked if he would present her as the bride. I think it was a lovely thing to do.

My brother Michael was the Best Man, and he did a really good job. His speech at the reception was very funny, but sweet as well. It's nice to see how close he and Troy have become over the years.

The ceremony was held right on the water's edge, behind the Illawarra Yacht Club. It was a sensational backdrop for the wedding, and photos !

Troy and Sam signing the registry and their marriage certificate. They looked so happy, and the day was just perfect !

This is my Uncle Andy (Troy's dad) offering a blessing to the newly married couple. In the box, is a special wedding cross, purchased in Italy. It's a way of bringing religion to a non religious ceremony. Mum said that Andy should have said it was blessed by the Pope LOL !

This is Jacob. He had an absolute ball at the reception. He was a bit of a goose, and a little bit naughty, but then again, he is a 9 year old boy !

I can't help but giggle when I look at this "family" photo. Maybe it's the way everyone is standing or all of the dark glasses, I don't know, but I think it looks funny ! From L to R: Matt (my sister's DH); Uncle Andy; my Mum; Oma (my mum's mum); Tina (my sister) and in the pram, my newest niece, Mya.

Here is Caden sitting at the table at the reception. At this stage he was still feeling OK, as he was smacking the table, laughing, and generally keeping everyone entertained !

And here he is with some of the balloons he took (yes, he took them) off the kiddies table ! Only a year old and already pulling chicks ! This was the second little girl to come and play with him (the first was quite a bit older, and kept undressing ???)

And finally, a pic of everyone enjoying themselves on the dance floor at the reception.
It was a lovely wedding, only spoiled by the fact that we had to leave early. Caden must have caught a bug from the floor or something, as he started to puke a little and have fever through the night !

19 July - Caden's 1st Birthday Party at Grandma's (since all the family was together)

Grandma made a beautiful first birthday cake for Caden. It was Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with cream in the middle...yummmmmmmm !!!

And here is Caden enjoying a piece of said chocolate cake !

20 July - Happy 32nd Birthday to Tina (my sister).
21 July - Happy Wedding Anniversary to Michael & Jenny (my brother & SIL)
21 July - Happy 1st Birthday Caden !!!

Big brother Jacob with Caden and his new bike !

Some pictures of Caden at the park on his birthday. Well, we did have to go and test the new bike out !

23 July - Good friends visit to help celebrate Caden's birthday

Caden enjoying a gingerbread man for his dessert today ! It was lovely to see Carmen, her two boys (Liam & Ethan), and her MIL again. It's always a great visit !

And that's July up until today !
We are seeing more family, and having the street kids over on the weekend for Caden as well... talk about spoiled !!!

Happy 1st Birthday Little Man. Love You !


Tracey Feeger said...

Oh wow it is amazing how quickly they all grow. Wow Caden is 1 already. Only seems like yesterday that we were discussing about him as a young baby. Happy belated to him.

Sonia said...

WOW - and I thought i was worn out.....add to that lack of sleep Michelle...and i totally understand how your feeling.

big hugs,
hope to pop over either friday or sunday with a little something for caden.

Paula said...

Wow, you certainly have had a busy month! LOL, I'm wondering about Caden cuddles, cause now he can run away!!! Look forward to catching up soon. x

Shazza said...

Hi michelle!

Love your blog site :)

When you get a chance could you please contact me at
re: changes at ARTastic challenge site


Bree said...

Phew July is sure a big month for you guys :)

Love the Wedding pics..especially Caden with the balloons and the chick!! :) Love his Birthday pics, what a gorgeous little man!!