Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scrapbooking Memories Canon Pixma Party !

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Scrapbooking Memories Canon Pixma Party, hosted by Canon, and the lovely girls from Scrapbooking Memories. It was a teriffic night, where we got to play with the whole range of Canon Pixma printers, as well as having classes with Melissa Frances and Sara Pearcy.

In Melissa's class, we got to make a mini album, using her new "Thankful" range of papers and stickers. I really enjoyed the class, and wish we'd had a little more time ! In Sara's class, we learned about photography and lots of tips and tricks for taking better pictures...turkey necks and tounge on roof of mouth LOL !!!

A big HELLO to Sarah, Julie, Tamara, Kim, Lisa and Lisa - it was great to meet you all IRL !
Special thanks to Kristy, Sharryn and Cassie from SBM for putting on such a fab event, and for my very cool prizes !

It was fantastic to be out with such a nice group of people (thanks Sonia, Wens, Natalie, Gab, Paula & Lou), and away from the kiddies just for a bit !

Here are the only "decent" pics I got (boohoo !):

This is one of the promotional posters that was hanging up. May seem a weird thing to photograph, but there is method in my is my reminder about Canon Creative Park. This is a free resource with templates, craft stuff (including scrapbooking) and printables. Check it out !

This is Sonia, Gab and Paula at the beginning of Melissa's class, printing out photos for the mini album. You can also see Louise Nelson and Lisa Oxley (aka Scrapwitch) in the background !
This last pic is the Forever Always gang (past and present) having our picture taken with Melissa Frances ! For anyone who might not know, Melissa is third from the right, with the blonde hair !

And finally, my side bar has another new addition - the blinkie for Inspired Blueprints. This is a new sketch challenge blog, hosted by Lisa Warren and Kim Arnold, that I discovered after meeting them ! If you need a good sketch, check them out !


Sonia said...

what great memories Michelle.

KimA said...

Hi Michelle - Thanks for promoting Inspired Blueprints. It was a great night on Friday night!

Lali said...

Hi Michelle, so that is where I have seen the name before "Michelle W" on idol glad you had a great time at the Canon bash and away from the kids

di basnett said...

Looks like you had a blast. I've tagged you..check my blog to see what you have to do. Cheers, Di