Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My little man...

Is already 2 months old ! Can you believe it ! My how the time goes !
Here are some piccies I took just the other day...he's such a cutie (though I am biased), and isn't his smile just gorgeous ??? (Again, I am biased LOL !!!)

Not a lot of scrapping happening, and most of what I have done, I cannot share...well not just yet !

Looking forward to later in the week, as it's Retreat time again with Forever Always.
Four whole days of uninterrupted scrapping, and being totally looked after - well not me, as I'll have Caden, but geez, aren't the girls lucky !!!
This is Retreat No. 10, and it's going to be a very glamourous affair, as we celebrate !

If you've never been to a retreat before, YOU MUST give an FA retreat a go. They are extremely well priced, private and dorm accommodation available, all meals provided from Thursday afternoon to Sunday lunch, the Forever Always Shop is on premises, regular shops (for those special treats **wink, wink**) are just up the road, and no cooking, cleaning or childminding for 4 days !!! There are optional classes, games, music and prizes too !
Retreat No.11 is not all that far away, so why not check it out !
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Bree said...

He is gorgeous Michelle..you have every right to be biased :)
Love your blog!