Monday, March 10, 2008

Only 3 more sleeps...

until we find out if it's a pink or a blue - baby that is !
I am very excited, and hope the baby will cooperate. We really wanted to know what Jacob was, but he didn't want a bar of it ! He had his legs crossed and his hands over the whole genital area ! I'll be very disappointed if this baby doesn't let us see !

I don't really mind either way, as long as it is healthy and BIG ! As Jacob was a mere 1720 gms, it would be nice to have a bigger bub who sleeps and eats well... hint, hint.... are you listening to your mother ! LOL !
So Thursday midday is it ! Can't wait !

Also, the hospital Drs have decided it would be best if I have a caesarian section, so God only knows what my due date will be now ! I'm a tad disappointed that this will make it a July birth, as we already have about 100000 family birthdays in that month ! Lets just hope I can choose a date that isn't already taken !

Finally, a huge congratulations to Bon (owner of Bon's Scraps), who had a baby girl on Sunday. Lacey Olivea is a beautiful name, and I wish you all the very best !


Louise said...

Ooooh heres hoping he/she is waving to you this time :) and not bashful.

Cherie said...

Just wanted to say hi, I come across your blog address from bons forum and forever always (i am a friend of Brionys), I was reading where you are doing the daily injections, I had to have them too with my last pregnancy, hope the bruising is not to bad.

Good luck with the pink and blue.
Stay healthy,
Cherie x

Anonymous said...

So today is THE day...I hope he/she has been a co-operative baby! Look forward to hearing the news!