Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day !

Just a short post to wish all the mum's out there, a great day tomorrow !!!
A very Happy Mothers Day to my mum Chris, in Wollongong, and my MIL Gwen, up in Taree...your pressies are in the mail (I promise!)
And special thoughts and wishes to my Oma, and Grandma Mulligan, who are the matriarch's of our families !

Hopefully I can post again tomorrow, and show you what I got !!! Knowing my husband, it will be something "practical". Here are some of the things he has bought for me, for birthdays, Christmas or Mothers Day:

* Maglite torch
* Batteries
* Vacuum cleaner
* cookware
* my mac

It's not that I am ungrateful, and it's not that I didn't need / use these would just be nice, once in a while, to get some flowers, jewellery or perfume !!! We'll see how much input Jacob had, won't we ???

1 comment:

Sonia said...

Oh Michelle.... so feeling for you...have often had the similar type gifts myself...they have finally got the hints i think...