Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Scrapping Space

Well, I have spent the last 2 days going through my entire scrapping stash, in an effort to be more organised and productive. I have labelled, sorted, categorised, grouped, and binned ! I even purchased some new boxes and storage containers to help.
The photos show my newly organised and very tidy (we'll see how long that lasts LOL) scrapping space !
I am feeling pretty good about how it all turned out, but I can't believe it really took two days to go through everything...that's slightly embarrassing ! I am loving the plastic drawers. A good friend gave me a set for my birthday last year, and after setting it up properly (you know, labels, neatly packed etc), it has been a godsend. I managed to purchase 2 similar ones from K-mart (all were originally 4 drawer, but I have converted them to three...clever me !), and I am sure this system will work well for me.


bon said...

OH, do you want to swap scrap spaces with me?????

Sonia said...

wow michelle, you have been busy - will have to come for that swim and check it out in real this week.

Kelley said...

Hi Michelle

Love your room I should invest in some of those drawers they look excellent.
Happy scrappin in the new clean room.You may have to give up and update pic so we can see if you have kept it clean.
Kelley Bodycott (Nyngan)

Louise said...

Wow Michelle
Im just in the process of doing the same thing myself, trouble is Im distracted by the blog hopping thing lol. :)