Monday, January 08, 2007

Jacob Turns 7...for real this time !

Jacob celebrated his 7th birthday on 6 January. It wasn't what I would call the "best birthday ever", but I think he had a good day ?
6:45am Woken up by Mum
7:00am Breakfast (about 3 mouthfuls)
7:15am Get dressed for Little Athletics
7:30am Go to Little Athletics
10:00am Arrive home from Athletics...time for presents !
10:15am All presents open, and some are played with
10:30am Go to the shops with mum, to get "stuff" for Sunday
1:30pm Playing with friends Ben & Keiran...for most of the day !
6:30pm Go with Dad, Ben & Keiran to the carnival...have lots of fun, go on all the rides, and win heaps of prizes. Have McDonald's for dinner, and get more toys !
8:30pm Come home, and have Ben & Keiran sleepover...awake until nearly MIDNIGHT !

On Sunday, Jacob's grandparents, Aunty and Uncle came to visit for his birthday too. This photo was when we had "the cake" (note to self: Sparklers and Icecream cake do not really go together LOL !!!)

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