Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year !

Here's hoping you all had a fabulous and festive Christmas, and welcomed in the new year in style! We have been away on a family holiday, visiting relatives, the beach, and relaxing in general, but now that we're back, it's all system's go! I have tons of great new photos to scrap, and got lots of lovely scrapping supplies for Chrissy!
I plan to make at least 4 mini albums about various recent events, as well as some pages for comps at my favourite sites. Busy busy busy...
The photos show Jacob having fun on a Slip 'n Slide, playing Army Men with his Grandpa, and at Old Bar Beach. The fireworks photo is from our sojourn to Harrington on New Years Day. It was a spectacular display - well worth the 3 hours we waited for them LOL !


bon said...

sounds like you've had quite an exciting couple of weeks :)
4 mini albums, you'll be a busy woman, but isn't it great when you've got lots of exciting new photos to scrap. I just picked up a heap and i'm itchin'

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Michelle :):)